Day #342, 343, Dream

June 22+2, 2017

I was super tired on Friday morning as expected. I nearly missed my bus stop on the way home.

But still, I wanted enjoy the relaxing Friday morning time next to my sunny window as I always do on Fridays (even though sun was hiding). 

I had coffee with some toast, spent some time on the sofa.

I fell asleep at around 1pm, and woke up at 8am. Nearly 20 hours sleep and I feel refreshed.

I had a very strange dream.

I was travelling with my ex, but we were already emotionally separated, and I met a girl and spent a night with her. My ex didn’t check out where I was the whole night. I don’t even remember this girl’s face. I was late for something that morning, but I couldn’t run, as it was in the dream.

Am I still missing my ex?


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