Day #350, Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo.JPG


June 30+1, 2017

This is the best of 21st century for me.

So many people worry about the bad effect of SNS and internet, but the internet provides an amazing amount of knowledge that feed so many brains who need them and want them.

Personally to me who would like to try every possible dish in the world, this is the best source to make it possible.

I just saw a dish called “Chicken Adobo” on FB, I’ve never heard of this dish, so I looked it up on Wikipedia. It sounded as good as it looked on the photos. So I made it for dinner.
The leftover will be my lunchbox in a few days.

On my list of dishes to make, there are a lot of Chicken dishes that I’ve never heard of before, and I am going to make them one by one.

Damn, life is too short to try every single dish of the world.


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