Day #351, The Last Day Of Vampire Life

July 1+1, 2017

Right, it’s the last day that I am going to count a day with 2 days.

I don’t remember how I started this when I started putting the day number with two days because my living cycle was going to be like that.

Well, anyway, I might lose counting one day but it doesn’t really matter.

It’s already 20 minutes past the time that I planned to fall asleep. It’s 8:20pm, which is very early for me. Some morning people feel very sleepy this time of the day and get up super early and feel energetic in the morning, like my ex, but I was never like that in my entire life.

Although I had to get up early for school and work my whole life, I could never get used to it and I always felt like zombie in the morning, even if I slept a lot. I feel awake in the afternoon and feel energetic at night. 

I think I have certain amount of blood of vampire.

Well, let’s see.


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