Day #355, Best Out Of Best

July 6, 2017

Again, the weather forecast was wrong.

I had such a nice afternoon under the sunny hot weather, so I made myself a strawberry cocktail with Moët & Chandon that I had in my fridge for months. I kept it for a day to celebrate something, but I decided today was the day, maybe I could celebrate that I made to Thursday on my first week in new job.

This cocktail was genius.

I guess the Champagne traditionalists would say that I wasted this great Champagne by making a cocktail, but I would say, the cocktails can be the greatest when making them with the best ingredients. We do not make cocktails to use up cheap alcohols any more. 

Same goes with any mixed dishes that we used to make with leftovers to use up, such as Bibimbap. We could make it the best quality with the best ingredients, because every dish deserves to be the best of its own.


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