Day #356, Cloud 23

July 7, 2017


I planned to go out with one of my colleague/friend.

We bought a coupon on Groupon app for Cocktails & Nibbles at Cloud 23 in Hilton Hotel and booked for tonight.

I put a full make up on and got dressed nicely – it feels good doing this sometimes. I won’t do that every weekend, it would be tiring, but putting myself in a party mood and look the best possible from time to time, that makes me not to forget I am a woman.

This place. Cloud 23, is s bit disappointing. The view is fantastic, but that’s about it. The service is cold, no smile. I felt like I was in a cafe/resto in Paris.

When a place is famous and luxury and expensive, the customers should be treated with the luxuriously polite manners, but I found that the staff in so many snobbish places like that think they are better the customers, just because they are working in that snob place.

Well, one on my Manchester bucket list is crossed out anyways.


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