Day #357, 358, Life Cycle

July 8 & 9, 2017

Sometimes I wonder when humans started having “weekends” as such. 

This 7 days on the calendar and the Sabbath from the Christian bible must have something to do with it? Why is it not 3 days work and 1 day rest, or 10 days work and 2-3 days rest? I know certain jobs have different work/rest schedule such as flight attendants.

Has there been any study on how human body works, how many days of work and how many days of rest are the best etc? 

We all try to get enough rest for 2 days to recharge our body for 5 days of labour, but would it be efficient for everyone?

Like, people who have hard time to wake up in the morning are born with different DNA. Therefore, usual 8to5 working shift is not good for these people. I don’t know how minor they are (I’m one of them by the way), minority people also have a right to feel good as they wake up and feel sleepy naturally.

If somebody makes a list of jobs with the match of DNA for their perfect life cycle, that will be aaaaaawesome.

PS. I get up at 4am and try hard to fall asleep at 8pm on weekdays, and here I am, having a very late breakfast at 1pm on a Sunday when I don’t set an alarm clock. I am sure it will be the same every single weekend!


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