Day #359, Equality, Diversity

July 10, 2017

I am sitting on a bench at my bus stop to go home.

At this hour, I see a lot more people around, and I suddenly realised why I feel so comfortable in Manchester.

I see diversity here a lot in people.

Some are fancy, some are no-look, some look homosexual,  some have very unique style, some are white, some are yellow, some are chocolate, some look like office workers and some look like road workers. 

And all these people are so normal here. They are all blended in, not stared or treated differently, they are all treated as a human. 

Of course when you get into a Chanel boutique in a department store (is there ant btw?) with a pair of Croc, you might feel uncomfortable, but that’s a place where you go to look fancy anyway.

At any other public space where anyone is accepted, all these different people are equal, that’s how I feel here at least. And that makes me feel really comfortable.


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