Day #360, Karaoke at Work

July 11, 2017

Ah this company!

My company never stops surprising me!

Now what? We have Karaoke!!!

It’s been a few days since we started some weird competitions, such as eating biscuits fast or sticking the most Post-Its on the face, but now we have the real karaoke set up in one of the cool meeting rooms, so people go there, sing, shoot the video, put it on the work facebook and get the prize whatever it is. 

I don’t know what the prize is, and nobody knows around me either, and I guess it doesn’t really matter, what matters is that we are having fun at work.

I am from a country where karaoke is just like a dessert course after a meal with friends, but the shy-side of myself makes me hesitate. ☺️

If there is no video part and it stays there all the time, I would go and sing mysekf after my shift every single day.


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