Day #363, Chapter One Books

July 14, 2017

Explore Manchester Café #12 Chapter One Books

I’ve passed this place a few times before and thought about coming back when I had plenty of time.

Finally, it’s Friday and I’m not in hurry to go home, so I came here.

Yes, it was a bloody good idea. 

This cosy but spacious café deserves your time. You can’t just pop in here to have quick loos and brews, you need to take your time to absorb the atmosphere, browse books, read them with a cup of aromatic drink and a piece of delicious cake whilst sitting on a comfy leather armchair. Nicely selected music in your ears, soft wood and green interior in your eyes, smiley staff who bring the drinks to your table, generous owners who let customers read their books without buying them, a free drink if you buy a book. 

Well… what can I say?

You can even bring the book that you bought when you finish and exchange with another! 

The book selection here is not as big as any bookshop of course, but even if you come here for a few hours once a week, you wouldn’t finish every single book here because the owners will have new stock before you say ‘complete’.

Now I’m starting to consider moving to Northern Quarter.


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