Day #371, 372, Cooking

July 22, 23, 2017

Sundays are for family lunches and comfort food, where Sunday Roasts are involved. 

But I am not English therefore these roasted meat and gravy, potatoes and Yorkshire pudding do not touch my soul.

So I prepared my own comfort food table with my favourite Korean dishes – Miso Soup, Spicy Pork Stirfry, Kimchi, Seaweed Salad, Beansprout Salad and Multigrain Rice.

The more I get into cooking and food, the more I find it comforting and healing. From shopping to eating, every single step is so much fun and destressing.

I think I will never stop cooking until I can’t physically do it. 

The day I can’t even stand for half an hour without any support, that would be the day I feel the end of my happy life.


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