Day #462-3, Need Human

October 21-2, 2017

Ok, let’s get back to myself.

I shouldn’t waste my time grieving over a breakup with someone who wasn’t right for me. 

Of course I had a good time and had some memory with him, but come on, it was mere 2.5 months (actual relationship was 1 month) with him, whereas with my husband it was 7 years! 

Having some people around helps a lot, even if they are only short acquaintance such as Airbnb guest.

I had a guest from Friday night, and he just left this morning. He is a successful architect and has many houses in UK and in France. His girl friend is even more colourful person – she is Swedish-German living in UK, teaching German in Cambridge, used to be an 200m track athlete for Grmany, was the Miss Munich etc. Amazing life she had! I really enjoyed talking to David, this is something I like in Airbnb business. Hope another family next week would be as interesting as this time. 

I realise that I need socialising with good people more and more.

Now, need to go shopping to make a cake.


Day #459, Heartbroken

October 18, 2017

Well well well.

It’s my first day of being back to single, after about 2 and a half months relationship. But actually, the “real” relationship that I would count was only a month.

The end was kind of expected, but didn’t think it would come so soon.

I am heartbroken.

Day #458, Event Planning

October 17, 2017

I bought Armani Diamonds at House of Fraser and ordered photo print at Jessop and waiting for the time to pick up at Nero with free soy latte.

They are for Lisa’s birthday.

Our team members are 23, but only 10 of them participated yet, maybe they will give me money within this week. Some ppl need arse kick sometimes.

Day #455, Excited

October 14, 2017

Anton came last night and left for cycling after midday today. We had 2 bottles of Shiraz last night, Anton had more than me, suffered from hangover this morning while I was totally ok. 

I saw and had a chat with Charlie and Kate, my Airbnb guests. They left after midday today. They seem very nice young lads.

I went to IKEA at around dinner time, had meatballs and did some shopping. I wanted to buy a desk and a wine rack and a few others, but I ended up skipping funiture section altogether for some reason, so I didn’t get to check them. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone to the shopping area connected from the restaurant. I will go there again after work next week.

I internet-surfed for scubadiving in UK, bumped into a dive centre in Bury. I sent a msg asking the price etc, and they got back to me with such a detailed info. The price of the course isn’t too bad compared to the price in Asia. Actually it’s the same as in Thailand, and there won’t be the cost to fly there! If I do it, I would want to buy my own wetsuit and goggles at least, which will cost more than the course fee for sure, so I will need to have at least a thousand pound.

Let’s get back to work and make money!

Day #447-453, 7-Day Solo Travel

October 6-12, 2017

I can say that these last 7 days were my best travel experience. Now I understand why many people prefer solo travelling. I think I finally opened my eyes to the real meaning of travelling.

Above all, I met so many nice people and made friends. 

I got to try the best local food recommended by Malay hostel mates and staff. You don’t really get to know the real local stuff if you travel in couple and stay in a hotel. 

I considered to stay in an Airbnb home before I found this hostel when I was looking for accommodation, but in that case you get to know only one local person during your whole stay and you may not get as expert information as in hostels. Of course you will have your own room and the super clean bed and bathroom and more comfort in an airbnb home, so it’s a matter of priority I guess.

Anyhow, the best thing from this 7-day solo travelling was meeting new friends. I met Kilian, French, sisters Letitia and Ali, also French, Jessica, Austrian, Stelle, Philippine, Esther, Taiwanese, Nikita, Malay, Nick, Hong Konger and many others. These friends that I listed were the ones that I spent a few days together.

I went river cruise tour with some of them, had lunch and dinner with most of them, went scubadiving with Nikita as she introduced me this amazing sport and a good instructor. I don’t even know how to float in the water and get panicked when the water is deeper than my height, but everyone assured me that I don’t need to know how to float as I have the air tank and floating vest on me when diving. This was a new world. I found a new passion of my life. I am really considering to come back here for the PADI course. I’ve never thought of diving even though I loved being in the water and I heard about this PADI a lot, but this time I opened myself more to the new experiences for some reason.

One night I made Bibimbap for everyone. I had 3 packs of already cooked instant rice, 2 cans of tuna, 3 tubes of chilli paste and loads of packs of seaweed that my mum brought from Korea for me. But I didn’t have enough room for everything in my carrier and backpack, so I wanted to use them as much as possible. Some guys got some eggs and other ingredients, I prepared the meal with Nikita’s assistance and everyone enjoyed it.

On Tuesday Kilian was supposed to teach me how to float in the water as he was free, we set off to go to one of the islands in the morning, but it started raining. So we got into a café and chilled a bit. Then we went to Suriah Sabah shopping mall as Kilian needed to buy some stuff for hiking in the Mount Kinabalu, and I ended up buying these stuff too! Well they are a lot cheaper than in UK and I needed some outdoor clothes too, so it was not unnecessary shopping.

The last day was my relaxing and beauty job day. Nikita got me a contact of a hairdresser and made an appointment for me earlier, and I got my hair straightened for mere £30! You can never get this straightening with that price and quality in UK. I am a different person now.

Now I am at the KLIA, waiting for check-in at Qatar Airways. It’s nearly time.

I kind of feel good going back home.

Day #444, 445, 446, Real Travel

October 3-5, 2017

Time flies!

I ve had a good time with my family for 3 days.

We checked in our condo at about 10pm. The reception is closed at 6pm, so they left the keys in the mailbox, where anyone can take it. It means maybe, KK is not too bad when it comes to security.

The room was amazing. It’s a two story-apartment with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. We could make our own meal in the well equipped kitchen, so we had Korean breakfast every morning.

The following day, we walked to IMAGO shopping mall. It’s a huge multi-story department store, same kind as in Korea, with a super strong air-conditioning, luxury goods, a floor with restos and a supermarket. My family from Korea loved it as it’s cool inside. Actually it’s rather COLD for me. It was very much like in Korea, nothing special nor exotic. 

We had lunch at a resto where there is every kind of dishes, I ordered Nasi Lemak, the typical Malaysian dish that you need to try for sure. We ordered 11 dishes for 11 people, and the staff charged us for 15 or 16 dishes. The price was higher than I expected, so I checked the receipt, and it looked like they made a mistake by putting another table’s orders to ours. I had to argue with the manager as he said we ordered 16 dishes. After about 20 minutes of dispute and checking order slips, we got the refund of 5 items. It wasn’t a lot of money but things have to be straighten out, innit? 

We went back to the hotel and decided to go to the top sunset point in KK. We asked to a taxi driver about the price for 11 people, and he suggested 2 7-seaters. The driver’s name is Din, and he ended up being our “escort” driver. He gave me his phone number to call whenever we need 2 taxis anywhere in KK. His price was not too bad with all his service, smile and punctuality. 

The sunset was amazing. Beautiful, magnificent and speechless. We had some “Satay” after the sunset at the night food market on that sunset point.

There were no taxis left when we wanted to head home, so I called Din and he and his fellow driver came to pick us up.

After we came back, some of us went out to the central market to get some fruit, and we bought more satays because we couldn’t resist when we saw it.

The next day, went out to another mall for lunch, and we had Korean meal. Well, not my fault, my family members are not used to herbs and spices here.

After lunch, we went to an island for a beach. I did snorkeling for the first time in my life and I loved it! I will surely go again alone, even buy my own snorkel! 

Today I sent my family off at the airport and came back to my hostel. This hostel is exactly how I expected. I went out for dinner with people from the hostel. A few dishes shared at a seafood market and a snack like crepe on a street stall.

I am loving my lone travel already.