Day #548, People

January 15, 2018

I ve been enjoying my weekends with my friends-colleagues and weekdays in cooking for the last two weeks.

It’s amazing how many good people I met through this company.

It’s something I have never experienced when worked at other places throughout my entire career life.

My company gives a lot to the employees, but that’s not what keeps me here. It’s these people that I don’t want to leave.

I still have about 1800 colleagues to get to know, so I won’t leave soon I guess.


Day #536, Resolution

January 3, 2018

Feels strange to type ‘2018’ for the year.

I feel like I am still in 20s, but I get a year older every single year.

When we talk about the year 2000, it still feels very very recent to me, but it is 18 freaking years ago now! Bloody hell!

It’s new year now, and people are talking about new year resolution.

I’ve never set any resolution before, as I think it only gives me stress and pressure. Instead I do what I feel like and do the best in present, and that has brought me good results, so far.

So here I am, the same resolution as every other years for 2018.

Let’s be happy every moment.

Day #528, Still in Christmas Spirit

December 26, 2017

I love Christmas season.

Everyone becomes generous and kind to each other, at least try to be nice each other if not coming from the bottom of their heart naturally.

I worked on Christmas Day and today, but still it felt ok, as I don’t have traditional European family to see on Christmas.

And because it’s Christmas, my company offered free Christmas lunch with quite delicious options.

But the sales were slow of course.

Fortunately it wasn’t a public holiday in Korea today, so customers answered the phone more than yesterday and I had a few high profit quotes to chase.

If only all of these get converted into bookings… then I would meet my target for this month!

Day #525, Finally Christmas Day is coming

December 23, 2017

Oh what a week.

With the start of Team Christmas Party at a bar with booze and unhealthy food last Saturday, work buffets two days in a row with delicious but mostly deep-fried and/or buttery stuff, lack of sleep, being surrounded by coughing colleagues…

Well Im not surprised I got sick!

At the same time I had a guest for the whole week, so that I couldnt really go to bed early and ignore him.

As a result I called in sick on Thursday and stayed in bed all day, but still managed to go to a Korean BBQ resto that just opened in Stockport with my guest for dinner.

Now I slept a lot and am getting better for a merry Christmas!

Im so excited for Christmas dinner with Sam!

Day #518, Christmassy

December 16, 2017

What a busy month, December.

Christmas Jumper Day, Division Christmas Buffet, Team Christmas Buffet, Company Christmas Party, Team Christmas Party, Mince Pies going around every second day at work etc etc.

I am on the way to my Team Christmas Dinner at Slug & Lettuce, planned a few months ago.

I am working on Christmas Day and not having this big family Christmas reunion, but I am still feeling festive and Christmassy thanks to everything going on at work.

What an amazing company.

Day #513, Andrews

December 11, 2017

I had the first snow-like snow in Manchester last weekend.

In two bloody winters.

It seems that this winter is colder than last year, so I expect more snow, but who knows…

I had a very nice guest last week, Andrew who came to work at the council as a freelance IT person.

He is coming back next week.

I know a few guys with the name Andrew, and they are all very nice.

I kind of start to believe certain names give the person certain value, such as most of Brians are playboys etc.

I like two Andrews that I know of anyway.

Day #505, December

December 3, 2017

Oh la la!

It’s already December now!

Another nicely busy weekend passed with a lovely couple guests. One from Oxford and another from Brazil. And this Brazilian woman’s son works in my company. What a small world!

I smashed at work in November, Im gonna have a great pay in December paycheck. I should keep up like this. I am still enjoying Sales. Money is a great motivation.

Now, apart from money, there will be company Christmas party and team Christmas night out, plus other parties with friends, it’s going to be a very very busy and quick month.

Day #501, Busy Days

November 29, 2017

Not much new stuff.

Airbnb is getting busier, so I am busy in washing and cleaning.

I am making more money than ever this month.

I bought a wine rack and a desk from IKEA, my dining room us improving.

I set up the Christmas tree in the living room.

I am installing head lights above the bed in the guest room.

I just went to Mackie Mayors with Chris and Anna.

I am going to learn snowboarding tomorrow.

What else?

Been quite busy, huh?

Day #493, Him

November 21, 2017

I don’t get it.

Yeah I know Anton didn’t breakup with me because he didn’t like me. He said he still like me and I believe him.

But still, why would he “like” my post on Instagram?

Why does he wanna remind me of himself?

We haven’t got anything to do each other and we live in two different worlds, we won’t bump into each other anywhere, and I don’t even want to. I don’t want anything to remind me of him until I don’t feel anything when something reminds me of him.

Come on time, go fast.

Day #492, Shopaholic

November 20, 2017

Oh no.

There you are again, shopaholic!

I saw the sign about “Black Friday Sale” at House Of Fraser on the way to bus stop and got in…. That’s it.

Well, I know I shouldn’t have gotten into a shop from the first place.

OK. That’s it for this winter. My shopping is done.

No more, ok?