Day #730, 2 years in UK

July 18, 2018

I guess I counted the days wrongly at some point.

I arrived in UK on 15 July 2016 and started this journal with #1 on 16 July. Therefore 15 July should have been #730…

Well, anyways, it’s been 2 years already. Time flies!

2 years of life in a new culture means a lot.

It’s good enough time to know the culture quite well, to feel confident in doing things without much help, to feel ok to drive on the other side of the road, to have established good relationships with many people, to have built some good career etc.

Speaking about it, I have achieved most of the stuff mentioned above, except driving.

I still feel scared of driving on the left side of the road, whereas I drove in Australia for nearly 3 years. Well, that was in countryside town in a vast country. I need to get onto to it to feel confident. I will do it in time I guess, but I’m not desperate of owning a car just yet.

Cheers to my 2 years anniversary in UK, and for more if my life allows.


Day #703, Koreans

June 21, 2018

Well… It’s always Koreans who get in my nerve.

Funny, I think there are no other nations who hate their own people as much as Koreans.

Very strange people.

Day #684, Back Home

June 2, 2018

First weekend since I started my manager job back at work.

Working at night feels ok as I thought.

Still have a lot to digest in my new position, need to memorise everyone’s name, about 40 of them plus new ones who will start soon.

It feels like I am back home, where I belong, back with ppl who were at the beginning of my life here.

That was a great decision to apply for the job.

Day #668, Cars in USA

May 15, 2018

It’s been 3 days since I arrived at my friend’s in Clarksburg, MD, which is not far from Washington DC.

I’ve been to SF and NYC before and stayed in the city centre and used public transport. But here, when you live in this kind of wealthy town in Greater DC area, everyone needs a car. Of course there are buses but it’s not frequent and not convenient. The roads are vast, lots of wild green area, beautiful town houses and outlet areas here and there.

It’s like where I lived in Tasmania, Australia. You can’t not own a car to live normally.

And maybe because it’s such a big country and car is a necessity, their car industry looks amazing.

I work in an industry where cars are involved, but there are so many cars that I’ve never seen nor heard of before here.

I’m falling in love with Mustang, Wrangler and Tesla. They are such beauties. I’m sure I would become indecisive when buying a car if I live in the US.

Day #660, Productive

May 7, 2018

First day for manager training.

Also a bank holiday in UK, aka no early bus to work.

A day before Parents’ Day in Korea, and my family gathered for dinner (when it’s still morning here).

I checked the alt bus route and got to work early, and spent some time with my old team mates for brekky.

On the way to work I called my family who are already together and spoke to them.

At work there were a lot to take in, I was focused and positively stressed, and excited.

I even joined my ex team birthday huddle as it fell in my break time!

I met my future team members who are in Grad Bay at the moment.

Super productive day!

Day #643, Happiest

April 20, 2018

I don’t remember when I was so high like today last time.

Oh my God this weather, it makes me feel like I’m the happiest person on earth.

Everything is fine, all positive, no problem, the world is amazing place etc etc.

I think my body produced so much endorphin for the last few days, now I kind of worry that I am using all that up in April and will have to survive the two thirds of the year with only little leftover of my allowances. Hope not.

Anyways, I’ve been soaking up the sun so much so that I can lock up the Vitamin D supplement in my kitchen cupboard. Not touching it for a while.

I really hope this lasts till summer, at least till June.

Day #638, Fate

April 15, 2018


It’s been 4 weeks since I last wrote something here.

Guess I didn’t have much to tell, something special or different from everyday.

The most recent event I had was an interview.

There was an internal job offer a coupla weeks ago for a Customer Contact Manager for the night shift.

As I loved working with my night colleagues and many of them have been wanting me back since I left them nearly 10 months ago, I was attracted to this offer and started considering it.

The only thing is, the socialising opportunities when you work during the day like most people are huge. Feeling good at work with lovely colleagues is one thing, but sharing extra time outside work and actually becoming friends is another, and that’s what I experienced while working during the day for the last 10 months.

I made lots of friends at my day team, through them and in the department too, and they will stay as my friends even though I don’t work with them any more, but I won’t be able to make “new” friends if I go back to the night life.

So, I had to decide between socialising opportunities and stepping up in my career. As I had to decide between staying in my comfort zone and new career opportunity when I moved to the day job 10 months ago, I made a decision for the career.

Maybe I’m more ambitious than I thought. Career came first than life.

Well, I didn’t get this job yet, I will have the answer within this week.

Whatever the result is, that must be where I should be for now.

Day #610, Weekend

March 18, 2018
I had this beer geek friend couple over on Friday night, tried the popular Sicilian resto not far from my place, followed by 3 bottles of red at home with a Korean movie Steel Rain.
We stayed up till 3am talking about food, places and everything that interests us.
I made Kimchi Stew to cure hangover the following morning. All of us enjoyed it.
And my Sunday so far? Sleeeeeeeep.
I stayed up till midnight with the book ‘The Devil’s Cup’ yesterday, and slept until now with 2 ups for piss.
That’s me on any day when I dont have any plan – sleeping.
That’s why I need work or whatever that makes me not to stay in bed all day, for a meaningful life.
I was a depressed zombie for a while before coming to UK 2 years ago – sleep till 3pm, get up and eat, watch TV till 3am or so, back to sleep.
Maybe I needed that time to heal myself from heartbreak, but I desperately wanted to get out that status, and Brexit help me to decide and act quickly.
Hell, I need to go back to bed in a few hours to get up for work tomorrow!

Day #604, Monday

March 12, 2018


Do I have blues? Not really.

I guess Monday Blues come to people who do not want to go back to work after a little rest on weekends for whatever the reason.

I love going to work, to be with my colleagues, to see to progress, to learn new stuff from everyone and the job around me.

Of course I like weekends and am excited on Fridays, but I wonder what I would do if my days are always weekends.

If I were a millionaire, maybe I would travel the world? Wouldn’t I feel lonely in time even though I would meet new people everywhere? I will never know unless I become millionaire for real.

Anyway, supposedly hard Monday is done, I am preparing myself for another Tuesday.