Day #344, Recharged

June 24+1, 2017

Caught up on sleeping of the week, I am fully awake and refreshed.

I had some nice cereal with granola, non-fat greek yoghurt, apricot nectar that I made the other day, fresh nectarine, dried sultana and sliced almond. That is a very delucious and nutritious mixture, and I am feeling totally recharged.

The sky is grey, which is perfect to stay home cooking, so I am gonna put myself in food preparation of the week.

After a cup of coffee.

Day #342, 343, Dream

June 22+2, 2017

I was super tired on Friday morning as expected. I nearly missed my bus stop on the way home.

But still, I wanted enjoy the relaxing Friday morning time next to my sunny window as I always do on Fridays (even though sun was hiding). 

I had coffee with some toast, spent some time on the sofa.

I fell asleep at around 1pm, and woke up at 8am. Nearly 20 hours sleep and I feel refreshed.

I had a very strange dream.

I was travelling with my ex, but we were already emotionally separated, and I met a girl and spent a night with her. My ex didn’t check out where I was the whole night. I don’t even remember this girl’s face. I was late for something that morning, but I couldn’t run, as it was in the dream.

Am I still missing my ex?

Day #341, Need Rest

June 21+1, 2017

I started overtime work again, that means I am at work for 10 hours everyday, at least until the end of June, and that also means less time for cooking and sleeping. 

Fortunately it’s nearly weekend so that I could rest a bit.

I also had my implant swapped this morning. This hurts A LOT. I don’t remember it hurt so much 3 years ago too. Again, it’s soon weekend and I’m gonna rest to help the wound heal as fast as possible.

Just one more night to go.

Day #338, Sweating

June 18+1, 2017


I love it!!!

It’s sooooooo hot here in Manchester right now.

I even sweat a bit on the way home at 9am! 

It’s amazing.

I didn’t really expect this as I was wearing a jumper in August last year. August is the hottest month in Korea, so I was really disappointed when I felt chill in the morning in August, I thought I would never have a hot hot summer in the north, but look at this! Maybe June is the hottest month in UK?

Well, I should plan a trip to Scotland in June next year. 

Day #337, The Hottest Day of The Year

June 17+1, 2017

Possibly hottest day of the year in Manchester today. 

I went to bed early in the morning when the sun was just about to rise, but this supa dupa sunshine woke my body up only after 5 hours sleep!

After a glance of outside through my window, I couldn’t resist the urge for being outside, even though it would be only in my backyard.

I could go out for a walk to a nearest park, but I’m feeling too lazy, and my backyard is as lush, plus I could stay barefoot in my garden.

I set up my breakfast nicely, feeling really good. I guess everyone is in a good mood today thanks to the weather, and also it’s the happy Father’s Day in UK.

I can hear kids’ screaming playing with water in their garden from next door. 

I really hope this weather stays fir a while.

Day #336, OCD vs Mysophobia

June 16+1, 2017

I guess I am a housework freak.

Or maybe just simply call it OCD or mysophobic.

I thought I wasn’t that bad as the husband of Julia Roberts in Sleeping With The Enemy. Because I don’t get stressed when the cans and jars are not facing front in my cupboard. (When I think of it now though, I felt thrilled rather than horrified when I saw that in the movie. I kind of thought I would like to arrange my stuff that way in my home.)

But I don’t have to do it every single day. I don’t check if they are in order every songle day. I didn’t give my ex hard time because the jars were not facing front. But I did when he was using hand towels to dry plates…

I like it when things are in nice physical order, such as books arranged by height on my bookshelf.  But it doesn’t give me negative stress when they are not arranged that way.

But I hate it and get stressed when dirty plates are left in the sink and laundry basket is overfilled. I get stressed when I see dirt in the house. So, I spend most of my time home cleaning, washing and wiping. 

So, I guess I am more obsessed with cleanliness. I am scared of bacteria. And that’s why I can’t share a house with a housemate, nor a pet.

I looked up the term for something like what I have, and it’s called Mysophobia.

Is it bad? Should I see a doctor?

Day #335, Ezra & Gil

June 15+1, 2017

Explore Manchester Café #11.

I fell in love with the setting here as soon as I stepped in this café.

Such a rustic and industrial style is so Northern Quarter.

The open bar and the kitchen provide the delicious sound and welcoming aroma, the large open space with all the tables makes everyone feel related somehow, Northern-Quarter-stylish crowd comes in and out, perfectly poached eggs on toast, non-acidic smooth coffee… 

I would give 9/10 to this place (it’s not just because I’m in a good mood because it’s Friday).

Day #334, Hay Fever

June 14+1, 2017

The weather has been very strange for the last 12 hours.

It was quite warm on the way to work last night, so I didn’t even have a jacket on. But then it was cloudy and windy this morning, I felt cold with my jacket and a scarf. 

The sky is covered with light grey thick cloud all over, but every now and then the sun is peeking through the little crack of cloud and dazzling  me.

I have had the serious hay fever crisis for the last 2 days, not sure if it was from the warmer weather, flower buds or dust mite that I might have on my carpet. 

Surely, I will clean the carpet this weekend.

It’s really wearing me out.